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I’m not saying I’m devoting myself to the blog, but…

July 5, 2007

I have been adding and changing things here and there for this blog, so now I figure it’ll be alright to blog again. I’ve finally made up an anime schedule, so it’ll be easier to blog the anime now. But the pictures take a lot of work for me to find and post up, so not every post will have them. Sorry, but it’s kinda hard to find, especially for episodes just being released. Where do other blogs get their’s? I just don’t know.

I haven’t been able to post up Hayate no Gotoku, Strawberry Panic or the remaining Hataraki Man episodes, but I’ll get to it eventually…..

Oh, and Hataraki Man is going under Completed, because I really have finished watching it, even though there’s only episode 1, blogged. Hehehe…


Things are getting hectic…

July 2, 2007

I really, really wanted to blog anime and etc, but lately I don’t have the time (I only get 5 hours of computer time during the week) and I’m neglecting my anime. So until I get more time (maybe once school starts again, surprisingly), this blog will be on hold.


I finally have my own anime blog! Yatta!

July 1, 2007

For as long as I’ve watched anime and read manga, I’ve wanted my own blog to express my opinions, and now I have one. I see other people’s blogs and it just increases my want to have my own. And so, dreams come true, I have one. The only thing is, there’s still a lot I don’t understand. I’ll figure it all out eventually though.

As a side note, I only intend to blog what I’m watching now (if the anime is half-way through or less) and anime in the future. I’m not going to go back and blog first episodes of like, Bleach or something. If you want that, then please go find a blog that fills your requirements.

Does anyone know how to make lists in the side columns? Much appreciated.