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Firefox 2 and VeohTV Player. Will they last?

September 30, 2007

Yay! I’ve gotten the new Firefox 2 (again) and the VeohTV Player (again). It seems they don’t last. I mean, the just don’t work after sometime. I might be because I’m not an administrator on this computer. Don’t ask why, this is just the way it is. And I loathe it. I can’t wait for the day when I can control my computer. Isn’t that stupid? I will be the one to make all the decisions on my computer. Me and me alone.

Now that that’s over, today was supposed to be my catch up day on dramas. As I type, I downloading 4 to watch. Of course, I can’t watch them at the moment, so I’m doing my blog. Good use of time.

Next weekend I plan on watching the Paprika movie and the Bleach movie. They’ve been just sitting on my to watch list and I haven’t had the time. Also, the fall season of anime is coming too soon. I still need to finish quite a few and to catch up on SkyGirls TV, Hayate no Gotoku and Bleach. The episodes just keep adding up and once again, I don’t have the time to watch them. Why? Well, for one, I watch too many animes at the same time. It seems to be my problem. And two, I have limited computer time. If I had all the time possible, I’d catch up with everything. The world is so cruel.

I also have a problem with wallpapers. I change my mind too quickly. Can’t I just find the perfect one? It never seems to happen.

Oh, and once again, I’m procrastinating. I should really be working on my Biology Plant Project, but Plants are so boring. I can’t seem to concentrate. My grade depends on it though, so I have to do it. If I could still get a B and not do the project, I wouldn’t even glance at it. I despise projects. They’re too time-consuming. Homework-okay, but projects make me think more than I want to. I try to reserve my memory for anime, and manga, etc. Don’t make me waste it on unimportant things, teachers.

I don’t know if I mentioned this last post, but my Creative Writing teacher is urging me to join a club. Something about it looks good for college and I need volunteer hours. I don’t get it about the clubs, but I’ve always known I needed to do volunteer stuff. Truthfully, I don’t see why; why should I help other people? If you wanna say I’m selfish, go right ahead. It’s true, anyways. I value my needs way above other peoples. Helping people is not beneficial, so I don’t wanna do it. If only that’s the way it could be…..

Downloads take a long time. At least one will be done in 10 minutes…..

I’m really looking forward to the new anime season, especially Clannad and few others. It’s not that I don’t want it to come, it’s just not convenient at the moment. I mean, who doesn’t wanna watch new anime? That’s rhetorical, don’t answer…

That’s about it. Have a happy sunday, peoples. Realtives are coming over next weekend, for my mom’s birthday. You don’t even have guess that I won’t like it. I have to entertain my little, what, 9-year old cousin? Kids are so complicated…..
-Yumi aka Natalie


What do you know? Another post, two days in a row.

September 28, 2007

Maybe I do have more time on my hands than I had first thought. But anyways, moving on…. This blog will be for not just my ramblings about anime but also anything I choose. My blog, my choice. Deal with it. Though I doubt there’s anyone who really objects.

For a Friday, today was pretty normal. As usual, I don’t talk at all in 1st period; got a word in, in 2nd period (mainly because I brought in a Sacajawea (sp?) coin (you know, the one dollar coin from 2000). Maybe it’d be easy if I just explained my schedule~

1st Period- Biology (everyday, and I am a junior, I know. I didn’t take Bio last year, so I’m doing it this year)
2nd Period- U.S. History (even days)
3rd- English 11 (odd days; notice the pattern yet?)
4th Period- SAT PREP (even days, it’s a good class. preparing for the SAT)
5th Period- Creative Writing (odd days)
6th Period- Japanese II (even days; one of my fave classes, along with History)
7th Period- (odd days; my otaku friend Am is in this class. And Am is her nickname…. I’m getting her into Yuri and Yaoi. Hehehe….)
So that’s it. Now it’ll make more sense. So right, the classes I actually talk in- 6th and 7th, mostly. Sometimes I have to speak. You know, class participation. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… but I’ve got my reasons.

So then, my day. In Bio, we finished graphs and moved onto a Heart Lab. History, took notes, did classwork, got done the vocab. and the extra credit (the other people talk, so they never finish their work. who’s the real smart one here? ^.~). SAT PREP, context clues, etc. Pretty boring, but I guess it’s necssary. Japanese, took a quiz on the family names in japanese. I aced it…. we did a lot of other practice and stuff. Pretty fun. I talk and participate a lot in this class. Three cheers for me! I also talk to the people there. Maybe it’s because we have something in common. I can’t stand talking to people that I’ve got nothing in common. It’s so boring. It used to be easy, though. What happened?

……….Friday’s chore day. It doesn’t make Friday very fun. TGIF is not the right word. Saturday’s usually better for me. More time online, lol.

Oh, right. I made up a very good narrative poem for Creative Writing. I just hope it isn’t supposed to be about me; ’cause I made it all up. About a kid in slavery and so on. I thought it was really good, for me writing poetry. Stories are my speciality.

I’m finally gonna get to catch up on all the dramas I’ve had no time to watch lately. Katagoshi no Koibito episode 8, LIFE episode 9-11, and Jotei aka Empress 3-10. The last two are already finished too. Oh, and I defintely need to watch all of the rest of the La Corda D’Oro episode tomorrow. I’ve got five left. Then that’s another anime to check off. Yay! And yay, because I’ve got too much to watch and so little time to do it. I’ll have more time for other things now.

I think that’s about it. Well, here’s a picture anyways…..

That’s my desktop


Blog is back, but not for reviewing any more.

September 28, 2007

I’m back! Tadaima! But things are gonna be a little different around here. For one, I’m no longer reviewing anime. I’d love to, but I don’t have the time. Instead, this’ll be just a plain ol’ blog. Sorry, folks.

With news, it’s been soooo long since I last used this. It’s not September and the last time I blogged was July. Lots of things have happened since then. But I’ll just skip to the more important stuff, okay?

One, I’ve been so completely busy with anime lately. I’m so far behind, it’s gonna cut into the new fall season. Oh, and I’ve already decided what anime I’m gonna watch:
Blue Drop ~Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku~

ef – a tale of memories
Genshiken 2
Kara no Kyoukai
Kodomo no Jikan
Myself ; Yourself
Velvet Underworld

Wow, that’s more than I wanted, but hey, it’s some good anime. Can’t miss out.

For now, that’s all I can say.