Spring Anime looking bleak??

April 13, 2008

After neglecting my blog for nearly four months, I’m back….. Why? I’m not sure myself, but I’m gonna try again. I visit other blogs daily and I still feel that longing for one. I figured out one thing though: this is my blog, why am I conforming it to others’ standards? I kept trying to make it look like other blogs, because I wanted it to look just other peoples. But that won’t, so I’ll have to do mine my own way. And I’ll start off doing that by saying one thing:

What’s wrong with this season’s anime?

I had hopes for Spring ’08 and as far as I can tell, it’s not delivering. Only a few anime seem to hold my attention. Is it just me or is the anime not as good as previous seasons. At this rate, I’m worried. What will the rest of the year’s anime look like. Maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions and maybe it’s too soon to tell, but I’ll have to keep an edge…

Well, seeing as I didn’t create a spring preview, I’ll just say what anime I’m watching now:

  1. Allison & Lilia

    Notes: Not planned, but I like it regardless.
  2. Vampire Knight

    Notes: Planned and I’m lovin’ it!
  3. Wagaya no Oinori-sama

    Notes: Not planned, but I was surprised at how it grabbed it attention after the first episode.

Others I’m still waiting for to be subbed:

  1. Crystal Blaze/Glass Maiden

    Notes: The summary drew my attention, so I’m really looking for to this.
  2. Junjo Romantica

    Notes: What’s with the subbed release of this??!! It came out when, the 2nd? And still no sub. How annoying, the manga’s been given such good reviews so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Will I ever know??
  3. Kyou Kara Maou! 3rd Series

    Notes: Seeing as I’m still waiting for the final episode of the R OVA, I’m not in a rush to watch this. The first two seasons were pretty good, but how much more can they squeeze out of it, I wonder…
  4. Real Drive/RD Sennou Chousashitsu

    Notes: I am so ecstatic to see this! Something just like Ghost in the Shell from Production IG, how could I not want to see this! Oh, I do hope it’s subbed soon.
  5. Zombie-Loan OVA

    Notes: It’s too bad that the original anime scaled down their number of episodes; Zombie-Loan had some real potential, even if it was about zombies… either way, come on OVA! Sum up the rest of it into a nice conclusion.

That’s all I’ll say for now. I do hope they’ll live up to expectations….

Want to see more? Anime News Network also has their take on it. Take a look, if necessary.


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