Cutting back

May 11, 2008

So far it’s been what, how many weeks since the Spring season started? A month or something? Well anyways I started watching a ton of anime, 12 series to be exact and now I think I have to cut back because I don’t have enough time to keep up with them all. Also in July or sooner, I’m going to be moving (again) and so by the time the internet’s back up in the new place, imagine how much anime I’ll have to catch up with. Ugh, I don’t even want to imagine it. So therefore, I decided it would be bets to cut back and keep only the top 11, and those are:

11. Allison & Lilia

While I love the theme of the show, it doesn’t add up to much. The driven plot line seemed to end at episode 4 and the rest are what? Episode 5 did serve as a good epilogue episode, and did provide good suspense for something to come, but I still think the first four episodes should’ve been extended further along. But remember, this is on my to-keep list, so the good points, being the characters, and the World War I background is holding the story on. I just hope it brings back a sufficient storyline.

10. Amatsuki

Amatsuki has the wonderful RPG & almost Rurouni Kenshin feel to it. Well maybe not to that extent but I do love the historical Edo period. It starts out like other fantasy anime of it’s kind: being dragged into another world, having to figure out how to find his way home and meeting invaluable… comrades. But the difference between those is that besides starting out like .hack//Sign and those types, is that he has to chose sides and there’s an otherworldly pull in each direction. Quite hard to explain but it lives up to expectations with that Studio Deen design I’m coming to love (anyone else notice how many Studio Deen anime is out right now?) and the youkai included.

9. Junjou Romantica

An actual full-length yaoi series! How often do you get that. I couldn’t miss this and I’m fairly glad I started watching it. I do have some complaints though. The story jumps around, which confused me quite a bit in episode 3. I thought I had missed something and I went frantically looking to my Anime List to see if I had indeed watched episode 2. I don’t like running around instead of sitting down and enjoying an episode. So there’s a minus. The pluses of course, outnumber the faults: yaoi, clearly defined uke and seme, humor, drama, the similarity to Papa to Kiss in the Dark and the promise to come. It also helps with the opening and ending themes, as well as the animation.

But the best is yet to come….

8. Kyo Kara Maou! 3rd Season

Ah, what can I say. A continuation to a beloved series. Since season 2 left still yet many questions unanswered, as quickly as I finished the R OVA I started on the 3rd season. I was almost ready to throw in the towel when I thought Wolfram was going to betray Yuuri. He’s my favorite character after all, and if there’s another thing I hate more than character death, it’s betrayal. Good thing then that the confusion was cleared up and I can continue watching with a somewhat clear mind. The issues still at hand: Yuuri & Wolfram’s engagement, the Dai Shimaron & Sho Shimaron threat, why is Shinou still there! and… I was so sure there was more, but maybe not?

7. Wagaya no Oinarisama

As soon as I saw the trailer, I added it to my watch list. Who doesn’t like gender-bending kitsune and miko-tachi? The story keeps getting better and better even though I was almost angry that Kuu-chan had to cut her hair as payment for Ebisu for that forbidden ritual. Well, I guess it’s better than a limb or something. Ahem, getting back on track, what beautiful animation! Kuu-chan is so pretty and handsome. Wow, that sounds weird…. what else? I do love the music, and Miyako is/was adorable (what do you say about a deceased anime character that pops up in the story reoccurringly? << is that even a word??!) Either way, it’s fit to be number 7!

6. Mneomosyne- Mneomosyne no Musume-tachi

I started watching this quite a while back now, but since it’s an OVA it takes time to be released. I was so intrigued by the mature plot line, and the trailer didn’t sway even with gory torture scenes. Asougi Rin is so sexy that I couldn’t not watch this. But that’s really not a good reason to watch something, is it? So then why is the show so appealing? Excellent, excellent animation, greek mythology background and the occurring-over time genre. I do know that most adult guys are probably watching this, but hey, I like it, so I’m gonna watch it. Wait…. does this count as hentai o.0 ?

5. Monochrome Factor

Shounen-ai! Even though this one is only 13 episodes, I still gravitated to it. Kokuchi-darkness things and Shirogane. I’m sold. Shirogane is such a bishounen, if I must say so. That seiyuu is part of it. Even I, kono atashi would swoon, and I prefer Bishoujo and moe characters. Back to Monokuromu, I’d have to say the shounen-ai aspect, humor and characters score big for this one.

4. Persona ~Trinity Soul~

Even though right now I’m 3 episodes behind, I still consider this may 4th favorite right now. I was hooked first episode onward. Essentially it’s like your soul fights to protect you. Genius. The soul finally gains a purpose. I was kinda sad when I find out one of my favorite characters was actually on the bad side. Ah, what a waste. She was so hot. Mayuri, I believe it was. Glasses and green hair *sigh*. But enough about her, Persona is more mystery than adventure, I think. Character design, background and the 1st opening was in my head for forever. I was actually sad when they changed it. Sad. Can you believe it? I always welcome new songs….

3. Nijuu Mensou no Musume

I’d make this my number favorite right now if the other 2 in front of it weren’t so good. Nijuu Mensou no Musume exceeded my expectations beyond any other anime this season. It’s soooo good! Chiko is sooo cool and what’s more she’s surrounded by older brother-types, something I’d love to have. What’s more, she’s becoming the perfect thief and I get so excited, especially in the recent episode 4. I usually only get that excited with Bleach; another reason to think that it might raise higher in the ranks in the future. Also, it makes the 60’s (or is it the 50’s?) look so appealing. Who wouldn’t’ want to be in Chiko’s place?

2. Vampire Knight

Basically anyone who’s reading the manga right now is probably watching this. And it doesn’t disappoint either. It strays from the manga, I think (seeing as I haven’t read past chapter 24), but not harmfully so. It seems like I’m watching a more fascinating version than the manga is. Either way it’s Studio Deen and I love the music as well as vampires so it was decided the day I heard about it. I wonder if Special A is the same way?

1. Bleach

There’s not much to say for this, except that most people seem to think Bleach is horrible. Why? Is it because of the length, fillers or semi-typical plot line? I seem to like it more than Naruto anyway, which I won’t glance at anymore. Bleach is right up there with InuYasha and other classics. Even though the new arc is a bit disappointing in comparison to the past one, it still grips me, so I’ll be sticking this out till the end, I expect.

That’s a good post to make up for my lack-of till now. I should probably blog more often, but schedule hardly allows it. Oh well. Maybe next year I’ll more free time on my hands, ne?



  1. Um..I found your blog through Tranquil Lullaby, and found it interesting. Though I really don’t like yaoi titles. Hm..I don’t think Bleach is horrible either, I mean I enjoy Bleach more than Naruto.

  2. Wow thanks for all the reviews.

  3. Awsome post.. Keep them coming..

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