December 2, 2007

Since I have Midterms and my trip to Florida coming up, I’ve decided to put the blog on hold. It might come back to it in January, to report about everything in the month before and my birthday. But that’s indefinite. It’s funny how I thought having a blog would be so much easier, but for some reason, I can’t seem to use it properly. Maybe it’s the lack of time to post or maybe my interest isn’t strong enough…. Whatever it is, I hope in the future I can come back and post truthfully. It’d be nice if I could make this anime review blog again, with the help of my friends. I’ll be sure to ask them when I’m in Florida. Till then…


-Natalie aka Yumi


Things never seem to go as planned…

December 1, 2007

This post is a little late, but it’s here nonetheless…..

I’ve recently noticed that when I plan to do something, it ends up not happening. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, but it’s almost always. I really meant for Fridays to be Blog day, but I ended up watching Bruce Almighty and Jumanji with my parents. Why? Because they’re good movies. I don’t need any other reason.

I’ve got all my dates for my Midterms:

Friday, December 14, 2007- 2nd Period (US History)
Monday, December 17, 2007- 1st & 3rd Periods (Biology & English 11)
Tuesday, December 18, 2007- 4th & 6th Periods (SAT Prep & Japanese II)
Wednesday, December 19, 2007- 5th & 7th Periods (Creative Writing & Geometry)

I won’t be at school on the 19th though, so I have to make them up, which I’m not happy about it, but what can I do? I gotta take ’em.

Onto anime news, I’ve started watching Kyou Kara Maou! (今日からマ王!) and I love it! I’m hooked. My favorite couple has to be Wolfram and Yuri. They’re engaged after all… and then Gunter and Gwendal. I already know what anime messenger bag I’m gettin’ this year *grins*

I was gonna write something about my day, but… I don’t feel like it. So much for a blog. Maybe it’s cuz I have lots of anime to watch and I need to finish this quickly.

Well then, without further ado….. Music….


Lena Park- Beautiful You (English Version)
|| 4:07 || J-Pop/Pop ||
Comments: Part of her Beyond the Line (Japanese Version) album. Just got this song myself. I wonder if it’s old? Well, her voice is good anyway.
|| Download ||



Kitade Nana (北出 菜奈)- Berry Berry SINGLES
|| Full Album || J-Pop ||
Comment: I love every song on here! I’ve been wanting all her songs since I first heard Kesenai Tsumi. Seeing as I love Gothic anyways…. Well, fans who don’t have it download away.
|| Download ||

Only two choices today until I get some comments. I originally planned that I wouldn’t make people do that, but now I understand. It lets you understand whose downloading and that fact that people are enjoying the effort that one put into a music rotation. There also won’t be a music rotation next week till I get some comments. Comment if you take something, please! Don’t make me add it as part of the rules!
-Natalie aka Yumi


Happy (Belated) Turkey Day!

November 25, 2007

I know, I know, I’m one day late in posting again. I have a good reason though. Finally, yesterday I was able to watch all the Bleach episodes that I’ve been putting off. So I’m caught up now. Three cheers! So today I can watch Saiunkoku Monogatari 7-8, the Bleach OVAs, and the Bleach movie. By next Saturday I’ll be able to post normally again.

Let’s see… This week was Thanksgiving and so I only had school 2 and 1/2 days this week (meaning Wednesday was a half day). It was hard to find things to do for Thursday and Friday, because I’m normally at school and hopefully, kept busy. I basically watched a lot of TV, did homework and played Roller Coaster Tycoon. I don’t know why, but my brother found the CD and so I played it all day Friday. That shows you just how bored I was. Weekends are usually no problem, since I’m online for 5 hours of the day. As for the rest of the day, I watch TV, Netflix or read manga while listening to music. It hasn’t always been this way, though. About 2 years (actually up until 16 months ago) I used to go to my friends houses every available moment. But that changed when I came here, meaning Virginia. I had zero friends to see last year and now that I do, there seems to be something wrong in getting together. Or maybe it’s reluctance? No, no. I still want friends. I think the real reason is because I don’t want to be changed from an Otaku. *rolls eyes* “Be proud to be an Otaku!” Is what I tell myself, but I just don’t want to lose it by hanging out with non-Otakus. That’d be the worst. There’s still that who wants to sit with me at Lunch whose a Non-Otaku, and she’s starting to annoy me. Gotta get rid of her, somehow….

Onto more interesting stuff… only 24 days till I got to Florida! Won’t Winter Break come sooner? It didn’t matter last year… but this one I get to go see my friends, so it’s worth it. 11 days total and around 6 with my friends (including over Christmas). We’re gonna stay up late to watch anime, read manga, play DDR and the wii, and probably go to Bookstores. I’ve got my money ready for Borders (and gift cards). Ya-hoo!

Midterms are coming up soon, but I can bare with them, since when they’re over I’ll be that much closer to going to Florida. That’s all that matters now.



An(tic) Cafe- Ryuusei Rocket
|| Entire Single || J-Rock ||
Comments: This is they’re most recent single, I think. It’s quite good, but then again, I’m a new fan, so I wouldn’t know how to rate it. Fans, download, that’s all I can say. Credits to Wikipedia.
|| Download ||

Track listing

Disc one (CD)
  1. “Ryuusei Rocket” (流星ロケット)
  2. “Koi no Dependence” (恋のディペンデンス)
  3. “Ryuusei Rocket (Instrumental)” (流星ロケット(Instrumental))
  4. “Koi no Dependence (Instrumental)” (恋のディペンデンス(Instrumental))


Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo OST
|| Entire OST || Anime ||
Comments: I loved the movie, and the Soundtrack fits right in. Piano pieces and other melancholy songs are a nice change from the normal OSTs.
|| Download ||


El Cazador de la Bruja OST 2
|| Entire OST || Anime ||
Comments: The music is perfect! Just what you’d expect from Yuki Kajiura. It’s got similar themes from the 1st OST, the Mexican and echoing voices, plus Emily Bindiger and FictionJunction YUUKA songs. Credits to Wikipedia.
|| Download ||

Tracklist Soundtrack 2

  1. cowardly little dogs we are
  2. Hikari no Yukue [TV]
  3. carnival in blue
  4. cazador del amor (FictionJunction YUUKA)
  5. moonlight fiesta
  6. leviathan
  7. the ripper
  8. the rush of a bounty hunter
  9. friends
  10. farewell
  11. just for love – L.A. #2
  12. project leviathan
  13. hidden love
  14. the place of eternity
  15. L.A.
  16. paradise regained
  17. walk down to your freedom
  18. romanesque [tv]
  19. ordinary sunset
  20. i reach for the sun (Emily Bindiger)



L’Arc~en~Ciel- KISS
|| 53:07 || J-Rock ||
Comments: Now here’s my favorite. This was just released November 21st, so I don’t think a lot of people have this. What can I say? Laruku’s most recent singles are included; a mix of Link, and several new songs. How about this new feature? Credits to Wikipedia.
|| Download ||

Track listing

# Title Length Lyrics/Music
1. Seventh Heaven 5:01 Hyde
2. “Pretty “ 3:17 Ken
3. My Heart Draws a Dream 4:16 Hyde/Ken
4. “Sunadokei” (砂時計?) 4:35 Tetsu
5. “Spiral” 4:01 Yukihiro
6. “Alone en la Vida” 5:12 Hyde/Ken
7. Daybreak’s Bell 4:11 Hyde/Ken
8. “Umibe” (海辺) 4:33 Hyde/Tetsu
9. “The Black Rose” 3:38 Hyde
10. Link -Kiss Mix-“ 4:46 Hyde/Tetsu
11. “Yuki no Ashiato” (雪の足跡) 4:47 Hyde/Ken
12. Hurry Xmas 4:49 Hyde

That’s all for this week. I hope at least some people will appreciate that new feature of the track list. I looked everyone up and downloaded each of the El Cazador de la Bruja OST one by one.
-Natalie aka Yumi


8:00 PM on a Satuday Night and once again…..

November 18, 2007

It’s 8:00 PM on a Saturday night and once again I’m procrastinating from watching those anime episodes that really need to be watched. I’ve been thinking lately that all I’m doing is watching anime, reading manga, and watching TV; for fun I mean. I’d like something else to do now… I’ve got about a month till I go to Florida though. I desperately need a vacation, see old friends, etc. I don’t see friends anymore. Well, there was the time when I went to my friend’s house secretly (without permission, I mean) last Friday (11/7). Does that count? I was only there for like 20 minutes. Her room is cool though……

I’ve decided to drop Minami-ke, since I don’t have the time to watch it (good thing I’ve only watched one episode, ne?). Ah, I want to watch my dramas again! I won’t be able to until after Winter Break, though. Maybe that’s what I need. Or is it because I’ve lost my idea about a career again? Yeah, I’m not going to be a lawyer. Why, you ask? Because I found out recently that my Grandpa will only pay for my last two years of college. How stupid is that? How am I supposed to pay for the other years? So I’m not going to be a lawyer for that; only if I was all paid. Instead, I have to find something I really want to do and decide from them. The only thing is, I have no idea. I thought of something in the Anime and Manga fields, but what? The only thing that interested me was being a voice actress. Could I do that? How much do they get paid? I’d like that though.

Moving on, my friend Elianne called me today! She never calls. I usually have to, but today she did. I was really happy, of course. We were talking about all the stuff we’d do and the plans for when I come down to Florida. I can’t wait! I’m gonna spend Christmas with them! How cool is that?

*Ahem* Onto the music for this week.



Younha- Comet album
|| K-Pop ||
Comments: I’m feeling generous this week, so I’m posting whole albums. People like that, right? What to say about this one… Well if you liked the Japanese version “Go! Younha” then have a listen of the Korean versions.
|| Download ||
EDIT: An alternative link. Credits to http://graffit.blogspot.com/


El Cazador de la Bruja Complete OST
|| Anime ||
Comments: How about an Anime OST? Have I done that before? Well, I have a lot of them. I’m thinking the Zombie-Loan OST next week. Who likes that? Right, enjoy. The music perfectly suits the anime too.
|| Download ||


abingdon boys school- Complete self-titled album
|| J-Rock ||
Comments: As a special treat, here’s the new first album for abingdon boy school. I don’t think all the songs on there, so if you need them, just request them, and I’ll upload them ASAP. I love every song, which is rare for me. Take a listen, even if you’re not a fan.
|| Download ||

~That’s it for this week, since there’s a lot of songs included. As I type, I’m trying to find the second OST for El Cazador de la Bruja. I must have it….
-Natalie aka Yumi


After a horrible day, things are back to normal

November 11, 2007

Since I have nothing to do, and who knows how long to wait till I go online (I typed this on another computer), I decided to type up today’s blog entry.

I hope no one was waiting expectantly for the layout (but then again I doubt it…) since I promised I’d upload it soon. I’ve noticed that things in life do not happen the way you want them to do. I’m wondering if I have really bad karma to have my friend busy today and my (other) computer not working. Or is it luck? Either way, today I supposed to go to my friend’s house, probably watch dramas all day (something I definitely need to do!), but it turns out things happened and she’s out, busy, or… something. I’m not angry at her, no no, just disappointed, I guess. I have very few things to look forward to these days. Well except for going to FL on Winter Break. At least my friends are looking forward to me coming. I should be glad nothing is messed up my plans for that. Glad, right…

Let’s see some good things… I found some good books in my school library that have to do with Japan, so I ed them up and checked them out. Books about Asia and Japan especially are rare, so I gotta celebrate that little victory. Oh right, they are “Picture Bride” by Uchida Yoshiko and “Obasan” by Joy Kogawa. They’re actually ‘supposed’ to be for my SAT Prep class, but I’m going to read and finish them outside of school. I seem to be reading a lot of books these days. Hardly any manga, except for those I download and read online. No one can take me to buy and my mom’s being stubborn (or just lazy?) about letting me buy from Amazon.com, like I’ve done twice before. I’m so far behind, it’ll take me forever to catch up. Well, not forever, but well into next year, since I can only buy at select times. Holidays, birthday, report cards? That’s not a lot, if you think about it….

Oh, my friend gave me Japanese (Authentic) Green Tea, and I’m sad to report it’s disgusting. I can’t even stand the smell, never mind the taste. I’m just keeping it as a souvenir now. I’m not a tea person, you see. The very smell makes me sick. It’s too bad….

Um, I’ve recently got into a new artist (actually she’s from way back but…) named angela. It’s more of band, if you think about it. Good songs. One of my friends recommended their music, which surprised me since she doesn’t listen to any Japanese or any other Asian music. Right, angela did anime songs for Stellvia of the Universe and others that I haven’t seen. It’s before I was into it, ya can’t blame me. Anime is better now though, I love the graphics. Those studios know what they’re doing!

I’m worried about my Biology and Geometry grades. Even though they’re a C+ and a B, respectively, I fear they’ll drop again. What should I do? What happened to straight A’s & B’s?

Just a little something I’m adding hours later: It turns out things fixed it-selves. My computer will be up and running soon (once again, I’m typing this Saturday night, offline, on another computer) with a new case, new motherboard, and I’ll have a printer too (upstairs though), and best of all, I worried because there was a little problem that my hard drive would be wiped clean, but that didn’t happen. All my files stayed safe! *sighs in relief* Oh and sorry that I’m updating technically on Sunday. It was out of my hands >.<

On to the music for this week:


Otsuka Ai- Ticket
|| 4:32 || J-Pop ||
Comments: Goes right along with Pocket, Otsuka Ai’s newest single. A nice-on-the-ears song. Any fan of Otsuka Ai will like it. Kind-of upbeat and her cute voice shines through it.
|| Download ||

|| 3:55 || J-Pop ||
Comments: This is part of Otsuka Ai’s new Pocket single. I say it’s worth a listen. The lyrics are really funny actually (it’s all in English save a few words). Just go to the Otsuka Ai fan site to find them.
|| Download ||

Suara- Blue [Blue Drop:Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku OP]
|| 4:46 || Anime ||
Comments: It definitely lives up to the angel theme. It sounds so heavenly and Suara’s voice raises really high in the chorus. If you’re watching the anime and haven’t been able to find this song, download away.
|| Download ||

Chata- Dango Daikazoku [CLANNAD ED]
|| 4:33 || Anime ||
Comments: A cute, almost childish song, but nonetheless it’s an anime song and addicting too. Chata has a soft voice that’s perfect for the song. The chorus has a kind-of “world theme” to it. It’s hard to explain, but if you’ve seen the anime, here’s your ending theme.
|| Download ||

Eufonius- Megumeru ~Cukool Mix 2007~[CLANNAD OP]
|| 4:57 || Anime ||
Comments: What’s that twinkling sound at the beginning? Anyways, it’s a refreshing song, with nature-ish lyrics and perfect for an opening theme.
|| Download ||


Kitamura Eri- Rettsu! Ohime-sama Dakko [Kodomo no Jikan TV OP]
|| 3:31 || Anime ||
Comments: Very upbeat, dance-y, cute voices, what more could you ask for in a lolicon-ish anime?
|| Download ||

– That’s it for this week. When I get requests (oh, someone request already!), they’ll be up. Hopefully, that new layout will be up soon. I can’t promise those picture thumbnails though; but I’ll try…
Have a good week, folks.
-Natalie aka Yumi


Happy (Belated) Halloween!

November 3, 2007

I do realize that Halloween was a few days ago, but could I post then? No. So this one’s to make up for it.

My Halloween was uneventful. I don’t do trick-or-treating anymore, so I was supposedly supposed to help my mom answer the door and hand out candy. Well, I only had to do that once so yay for me. I’m not really good with kids, you see. I appreciate them for being pure and all, but to take care of them… um, no.

Anyways, this week’s been hectic. I’ve had so little computer time and so my anime watch list has been filling up. But fear not! I’ll probably watch ’em all this weekend. I have a long weekend too. I have Monday and Tuesday off from school. Yay! Manga catch-up days. Now, if I could spend the days online, that’d be great, but that’ll never happen. It’s not an official holiday, so my Dad says no. Oh well.

I’ve heard some great anime/manga news thanks to http://www.theotaku.com

1. Yaoi is coming to TV in Japan.
2. VIZ Pictures is picking up some good Live-Action movies. I’ll be wanting the Lovely Complex movie, myself…
3. The Japanese Pop-Ska band Ore Ska Band is going to do a movie. I’m going to be definitely watching that. I like their music style. It’s like Tokyo Friends all over again!
4. There’s this Live-Action film about two fujoushi (yaoi fangirls) s who become friends with two non-otaku boys. It sounds really interesting. Well, I’m just watching it because I don’t think I’ve seen a movie with fujoushi. It’s like that Maid in Akihabara drama…
5. Some bad news…. Yaoi manga is going to go up in price in 2008. I better buy my wishlist of yaoi before then…
6. Live-Action Ikki Tousen! With fanservice! Who’s not going to watch that. I haven’t actually seen the anime though… hehe…
7. They’re doing Greek Mythology anime now? Yep. Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi is going to be produced in Japan soon. I’m interested. Anyone else? http://www.rin-asougi.com/
8. Want to watch anime legally? GONG is hosting Ikki Tousen, Koi Koi 7, Saiyuki, and Slayers and etc, for free and dubbed. Any fans? I’m curious…

And new update for blog! (1) I’m going to start listing new j-pop/j-rock singles/albums. I’d do others, but I’m more of a fan of Japanese music, you know. Of course, they will not include artists I don’t listen to. It’s my favorite artists you see…. Oh, and when will that be. Hopefully it’ll be up by Thanksgiving (in America, since Canada’s already had there’s).

(2) I think it’s about time I do a Music Rotation again. I have so many songs, it’s only fair to share them. Especially for those who can’t seem to find them. It’ll increase my blog readers anyways. List will up (hopefully) by next Wednesday 11/7/07. But for now, enjoy some of my picks.

Music Picks:

Fish Leong- Wong Bai
(Sendspace link)
(Sendspace link)
L’Arc~en~Ciel- HURRY XMAS
(Sendspace link)
Koda Kumi feat. DBSK (Tohoshinki)- LAST ANGEL
(Sendspace link)
(Sendspace link)
Otsuka Ai- Pocket
(Sendspace link)
Kawada Mami- Triangle
(Sendspace link)
MUCC- Chain Ring
(Sendspace link)

I’ll be talking to people about how to set up a better rotation and layout. Till then, bare with this plain design.
-Natalie aka Yumi



Glimpse of My Future

October 27, 2007

As the title says I’ve been having more thoughts about my future and I’ve come up with a good plan. For one, after high school I’ll go to Community College for two years and then transfer to Duke University. My Grandpa said he’d pay for anyone who wanted to become a lawyer and so I’ll do that. I’m pretty sure he’ll pay for my Community College too. He’s just desperate to have another lawyer in the family, since no one seems to want to become one. So I’ll make his day and do it. With someone paying for all your expenses, I won’t have to worry. I’ll get a part-time job though, for food and of course, to keep being an Otaku. I was thinking of working at a bookstore, since I’ve always wanted too. Even if that sounds weird….

Second, my friends and I promised to go to Japan together for a Graduation present. They’re a year younger than me, so I’ll graduate before them, but I don’t care. I just want to go to Japan and I’d rather go with friends. There’s no way I’d ask my Grandpa to pay for that, since he’ll already be paying for my education, I’m not heartless. So I’ll ask my parents. I’m sure since they won’t be paying for college, they’ll just pay for my trip to Japan. The last thing they’ll ever to pay for me. Then again, still the most expensive…

Now that that’s settled, I’ll explain why I’m going to Community College, since it does sound stupid to transfer schools. Well, I don’t want to take the SAT. Call me lazy, but I see how people are stressing for those tests and I don’t want that. You don’t have to have SAT test scores to get into Community College, so it’ll be easy to get in. I’ve got a high GPA after all. Then to enter Duke, with my grandpa’s help too, they’ll just look at my GPA from the Community College. Simple. I’m pretty fortunate….

Now to get through this year and my senior year is the hard part. How I wish it’d go by faster. I’m so tired of high school and all the stupid kids. I want to be an as soon as possible! It’s so frustrating!

You think my grandpa will get me a laptop too? If it’s part of my education expenses and all? Probably… I hope anyways. He’s a nice person. Otherwise, I’ll be one myself. And there’s the trouble of getting a car. I’m sure I’ll need one. *sigh* So many things to consider. Oh well.

I’ll be Newtype magazine then and I won’t renew my subscription for Shojo Beat. Once I’m 18, no more Shoujo manga. Only Josei, yaoi and yuri, thank you. Already Shoujo manga is beginning to bore me. I like mature relationships.

Short post.
-Natalie aka Yumi